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Online course: Information Security Advanced

This course provides your employees with an appealing graphic presentation of the most important risks and problems of information security in companies. The texts are formulated in general terms so that they apply to many companies and can be easily adapted or expanded. The aim of the course is to teach your employees the correct information security behavior and security awareness, thereby protecting your company.

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Information Security Advanced: Why is this course important?

The Cyber Security course "Advanced Information Security" is crucial in everyday work as it provides employees with in-depth knowledge and skills to ensure information security within their organization. This course comprehensively covers the following areas, essential for protecting sensitive information and preventing security incidents.

Core Values of Information Security
The core values of information security include confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. The course explains why these values are critical and how they can be implemented in daily operations to build trust in the company’s information systems.

Role of IT in the Company
The IT department plays a central role in information security. The course describes the responsibilities and duties of IT in the context of the company's security strategy and shows how effective collaboration between IT and other departments can strengthen overall security.

Security Incident
A security incident can have serious consequences for a company. The course covers the various types of security incidents, how they can be detected and reported, and the steps to mitigate damage and restore security.

Security-Relevant Omissions
Security-relevant omissions, such as ignoring security policies or failing to follow protocols, can lead to significant security gaps. The course demonstrates how to avoid such omissions and ensure adherence to security guidelines.

Data Protection
Data protection is a key component of information security. The course provides an overview of the basics of data protection and explains the legal requirements and best practices to ensure the protection of personal data within the company.

Personal Data
Handling personal data requires special care. The course explains what constitutes personal data, how it can be securely processed and stored, and the measures that must be taken to protect this data.

Social Engineering
Social engineering is a technique where attackers try to obtain confidential information through manipulation. The course raises awareness of this threat and provides strategies to protect against it.

Mobile IT Devices
Mobile IT devices such as smartphones and tablets are exposed to frequent security risks. The course offers guidelines for the secure use of these devices, including data encryption, using secure networks, and regularly updating security software.

Managing visitors in the company can also pose a security risk. The course provides instructions on how to securely register and accompany visitors to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas and information.

Secure Browsing
Secure internet browsing is essential to minimize the risk of malware and phishing attacks. The course teaches best practices for secure browsing and protecting company networks.

Classification of Information
Classifying information according to its sensitivity is a crucial aspect of information security. The course shows how to correctly classify information and handle it according to its level of protection needed.

Password Protection
Strong passwords are a fundamental requirement for the security of IT systems. The course teaches best practices for creating and managing secure passwords and emphasizes the importance of two-factor authentication.

Social Networks
Using social networks involves specific security risks. The course explains how employees can protect their privacy and handle sensitive information securely on social networks.

The Cyber Security course "Advanced Information Security" is essential for ensuring the security of information in everyday work. The in-depth knowledge and skills provided in this course help employees identify risks early and implement effective protective measures. This contributes to protecting the company from potential threats and promoting a strong security culture.

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