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Online course: Information Security while Traveling

Many employees are mobile and travel to customers and partner companies to conduct business. In order to meet the complex requirements for protecting company information and data, it is crucial that all employees have a high level of security awareness. This training effectively and sustainably provides your employees with relevant background information and behavior on the subject of information security when traveling. This multimedia course helps them to apply what they have learned in their day-to-day work and on business trips.

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Information Security while Traveling: Why is this course important?

Business trips are an essential part of modern work life, but they also come with specific security risks. The Cyber Security course "Information Security on Business Trips" is crucial to sensitize employees and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect sensitive data and IT devices while traveling. The course covers the following areas:

Airport - Handling Luggage
Proper handling of luggage at the airport is critical to prevent the loss or theft of sensitive information and devices. The course emphasizes the importance of never leaving luggage unattended and securing it properly, especially carry-on bags that contain IT devices and important documents.

Airport - Security Risks for Mobile IT Devices on Trips
Mobile IT devices are particularly vulnerable to security risks while traveling. The course explains how employees can protect their devices through encryption, strong passwords, and the use of VPNs to ensure their data remains secure throughout the trip.

Airport - Tips for Travel Documents
Secure handling of travel documents is essential. The course provides tips on how employees can safely store their travel documents to prevent loss or theft.

Hotel - Credit Card Payments Abroad
Using credit cards abroad can pose security risks. The course teaches employees how to handle credit cards safely, watch for suspicious activities, and protect their card information.

Hotel - Meetings While Traveling
Business meetings in hotels require special security precautions. The course explains how employees can choose secure meeting rooms and ensure that no confidential information is disclosed.

Hotel - Data Loss in the Hotel
Data loss in hotels is a serious risk. The course provides guidelines on securely storing IT devices and documents in hotel rooms and protecting them from unauthorized access.

In Public Places - Public Wi-Fi
Using public Wi-Fi poses significant security risks. The course teaches best practices for using public networks safely, including using VPNs and avoiding access to sensitive information over insecure connections.

In Public Places - Clear Desk Policy on the Road
Maintaining a Clear Desk Policy while traveling is important. The course shows how employees can keep their workspaces in public places clean and free of sensitive information to minimize the risk of data loss.

In Public Places - Loss and Theft of Mobile IT Devices on Trips
Loss or theft of mobile IT devices can have severe consequences. The course provides practical tips on how employees can securely transport and store their devices to prevent such incidents.

In Public Places - Handling Sensitive Data on Trips
Handling sensitive data in public places requires special precautions. The course demonstrates how employees can work securely and protect sensitive information while on the go.

On the Train - Behavior at the Station and Preparing for Train Journeys
Security-conscious behavior at the train station and during the journey is essential. The course explains how to stay safe at the station, take precautions during the trip, and securely store IT devices and documents.

Client Meetings
Client meetings require special security measures to protect confidential information. The course shows how employees can choose secure meeting rooms and ensure that no sensitive data is disclosed.

Follow-Up at Home
Secure follow-up after returning from a business trip is important. The course teaches how employees can check their devices for potential security incidents and ensure that all collected data is securely stored and processed.

The Cyber Security course "Information Security on Business Trips" is essential to ensure the security of data and IT devices during business trips. The knowledge and skills imparted in the course help employees recognize risks and take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their company from potential threats. This course promotes a security-conscious culture and ensures the integrity of corporate data.

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