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Online course: Data Classification

Mandatory procedures for handling confidential data ensure the protection of sensitive information. Documents, data and information carriers must be labeled according to their classification levels. This increases information security in your company and better protects this data from unauthorized access. This training course introduces your employees to the requirements for confidentiality and classification of sensitive information and provides important background knowledge as well as numerous interactive application examples.

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Data Classification: Why is this course important?

The Cyber Security course "Classification of Information" is essential in everyday work as it equips employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle sensitive information appropriately. Proper information classification ensures that data is protected according to its sensitivity, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. The course covers various important areas critical for maintaining information security within an organization.

Classified Information
Classified information refers to data designated with a specific level of confidentiality. The course explains the different types of classified information and why accurately categorizing data is important. Understanding these classifications helps employees handle information correctly and ensure its security.

Adherence to Standards
Adherence to standards is crucial for information security. The course provides an overview of the relevant standards and guidelines for handling classified information. Employees learn how to ensure they comply with all regulations, thus maintaining data integrity.

Information Owners
Each piece of information should have a clearly defined owner responsible for its security. The course outlines the role and responsibilities of information owners and how they contribute to ensuring information security.

Clear Desk Policy
A Clear Desk Policy helps enhance the security of information in the workplace. The course shows how to implement such a policy and the benefits it brings. Employees learn to keep their work areas free from sensitive documents and devices to minimize the risk of information loss.

Behavior Tips
The course provides practical behavior tips for handling classified information. This includes best practices for daily handling of sensitive data, such as locking screens, securing cabinets, and avoiding discussions of confidential topics in public areas.

Classification Levels
Information is divided into different confidentiality levels to define the necessary protection:

Public: Information intended for the general public that requires no special protection.
Internal: Information intended for internal use within the company and should not be publicly accessible.
Confidential: Information accessible to a limited group of people, as its disclosure could cause harm.
Strictly Confidential: Highly sensitive information, the loss or disclosure of which could cause significant damage.

Data Security (Storage and Filing)
Secure storage and filing of data are fundamental aspects of information security. The course demonstrates how to securely store information and protect it from unauthorized access. This includes using secure storage methods and conducting regular security checks.

Duplicating information increases the risk of data loss. The course teaches how to safely duplicate and distribute information to maintain data integrity.

Destruction & Disposal
Secure destruction and disposal of data are critical to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. The course provides methods for the secure destruction of documents and storage media.

Data Carriers
Handling physical data carriers such as USB sticks, CDs, and external hard drives requires special care. The course explains how to use and store these data carriers securely.

Transfer (Transmission)
Secure transmission of information is essential to maintain its confidentiality. The course covers secure communication methods and the use of encryption techniques.

Forgotten Documents
Forgotten or unattended documents pose a significant security risk. The course shows how employees can ensure that no sensitive documents are left unattended.

The Cyber Security course "Classification of Information" is vital for ensuring the security of sensitive data in everyday work. The knowledge and skills imparted help employees correctly classify and protect information, safeguarding the company from potential threats. This course promotes a security-conscious culture and ensures the integrity of corporate data.

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