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Online course: Fire protection

In this training course, your employees will learn the correct behavior in the event of a fire, including how to use extinguishers and fire prevention measures. A 3D environment explains all the important symbols, signs and fire safety equipment. Animated, interactive sequences offer the opportunity to test behavior in the event of a fire in a practical way. The course is aimed at all employees in companies, public enterprises and other organizations.

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Fire protection: Why is this course important?

The online course "Fire protection" provides crucial knowledge and practical skills to prevent fires and respond appropriately in an emergency. Here are the key areas covered in the course:

Fire Safety Officer and Fire Safety Regulations
The fire safety officer plays a central role in implementing fire safety regulations. The course explains the duties and responsibilities of a fire safety officer and the importance of fire safety regulations for workplace safety.

Emergency Numbers
Knowing emergency numbers is crucial in the event of a fire. The course ensures that all participants know which numbers to call in an emergency and how to proceed when making the call.

Fire Protection Equipment
The course explains various fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. Participants learn how these devices work and how to use them correctly in an emergency.

Fire Classes
The classification of fires helps in choosing the appropriate extinguishing agent for different types of fires. The course imparts knowledge about the different fire classes and their respective extinguishing methods.

Escape Routes
Safe and well-marked escape routes are vital in the event of a fire. The course shows how to plan, mark, and keep escape routes clear.

Keeping Escape Routes Clear
Keeping escape routes clear is a fundamental requirement for safety in the event of a fire. Participants learn how to ensure that escape routes are always accessible and not blocked.

Elevators and Stairwells
The course addresses the proper use of elevators and stairwells in the event of a fire. It emphasizes that elevators should not be used during a fire and that stairwells serve as safe escape routes.

Helping Physically Disadvantaged Persons
Special attention is given to helping physically disadvantaged persons in the event of a fire. The course provides guidelines on how to assist these individuals safely and effectively.

Behavior During a Fire Alarm
Proper behavior during a fire alarm can save lives. The course teaches participants how to act correctly during an alarm and what steps to take immediately.

Behavior in the Event of a Fire
Quick and correct action is crucial in the event of a fire. The course imparts the essential behaviors and measures to be taken in an emergency.

3 Steps in the Event of a Fire
The course summarizes the most important measures in the event of a fire in three simple steps, providing participants with clear instructions.

Correct Behavior in Case of Fire
The course offers detailed instructions on the correct behavior in case of fire, including evacuation and the use of fire protection equipment.

First Aid
First aid is essential in the event of a fire. The course covers basic first aid measures that should be applied in case of fire.

Injured Persons
The course explains how to help injured persons in the event of a fire, including the treatment of burn wounds and other injuries.

Persons on Fire
The course teaches how to help individuals whose clothing has caught fire and how to manage such situations safely and effectively.

Wound Care
Detailed instructions for wound care are provided to properly treat injuries in the event of a fire.

Shock Treatment
Shock treatment is an important part of first aid measures in the event of a fire. The course shows how to recognize and treat shock conditions.

First Responders
The role and tasks of first responders in the event of a fire are explained. The course prepares participants to act effectively in emergencies.

After the Fire
The course covers the steps and measures to be taken after a fire to ensure safety and recovery.

Fire Prevention
Fire prevention is a central theme of the course. Participants learn strategies and measures to prevent fires from occurring in the first place.

Flammable Waste
The proper handling of flammable waste is detailed to minimize potential fire hazards.

Workplace Cleanliness
The importance of workplace cleanliness in preventing fires is emphasized. The course provides practical tips for maintaining a safe and orderly work environment.

Smoking Ban
The smoking ban is an essential part of fire safety. The course explains the reasons for and the implementation of the smoking ban in the workplace.

In summary, the online course "Fire protection" is of great importance in the workplace. By imparting knowledge and practical skills for fire prevention and correct behavior in the event of a fire, employees can ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues. A high level of fire safety awareness not only contributes to workplace safety but also fosters trust and readiness among employees to act calmly and effectively in an emergency.

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