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Online course: First Aid

This interactive 3D training course introduces your employees to the topic of first aid using a varied and exciting story. They learn about topics such as the emergency check, the recovery position and resuscitation and are made aware of the importance of self-protection and securing the danger zone. In the e-learning course, your employees accompany the protagonists Lisa and Frank and experience various accident scenarios in which they learn how to react correctly in an emergency. This WBT serves to familiarize your employees with first aid measures and refresh their knowledge, but cannot replace a physical first aid course.

Course Preview "First Aid"

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First Aid: Why is this course important?

The online course "First Aid" provides essential knowledge and skills that can save lives in the workplace. Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, so it is crucial for employees to know how to respond correctly in such situations. This course covers the following key areas:

The basics of first aid are the foundation for any emergency response. The course offers an overview of the core principles of first aid, including assessing the situation and providing basic help until professional assistance arrives.

Self-Protection and Securing the Accident Scene
Self-protection is critical to avoid putting oneself in danger. The course teaches how to secure an accident scene to prevent further accidents. This includes securing the environment and wearing personal protective equipment if necessary.

Emergency Call
Making an emergency call is a crucial step in any emergency situation. The course explains how to correctly make an emergency call, what information to provide, and how to ensure that rescue services are quickly and efficiently informed.

Emergency Check
The emergency check involves systematically examining the injured person to identify life-threatening conditions and take immediate action. The course demonstrates how to assess the injured person's condition and prioritize first aid measures.

Electric Shock
An electric shock requires specific knowledge and procedures. The course covers the particularities of electric shock incidents, including safely separating the affected person from the electrical source and treating injuries afterward.

Cardiac Arrest
Cardiac arrest requires immediate action. The course teaches the fundamental techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and explains how to perform first aid effectively and safely until professional help arrives.

Using a defibrillator can save lives. The course explains how an automated external defibrillator (AED) works and how to use it correctly in an emergency. This includes preparing the device and applying the electric shocks.

Recovery Position
The recovery position is crucial for keeping an unconscious person's airway clear. The course provides a step-by-step guide on how to place a person in the recovery position and the precautions to take.

Warehouse Accident
Accidents in warehouses can cause severe injuries. The course addresses specific first aid measures required for accidents in warehouses, including treating injuries caused by heavy machinery or falling objects.

Basic Measures
Knowing basic first aid measures is essential for every employee. The course covers basic measures such as applying bandages, treating cuts, and managing burns.

Shock can be life-threatening and requires immediate attention. The course explains the signs of shock and the appropriate first aid measures to stabilize the person and call for professional help.

The online course "First Aid" is indispensable for ensuring safety and well-being in the workplace. The knowledge and skills provided in the course help employees respond quickly and effectively in emergencies, saving lives and minimizing injuries. Participating in this course not only boosts confidence in one's abilities but also creates a safer work environment for everyone.

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