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Online course: Phishing

Phishing refers to attacks in which fraudsters attempt to steal confidential data or install malware by email, phone call or text message. The attackers pretend to be trustworthy people or companies, which can cause considerable damage. In this training course, your employees will learn about different types of attacks such as spear phishing, whaling, vishing, smishing and email extortion through an interactive story. They will learn how to recognize and successfully fend off these attacks. In this way, this training course helps to increase IT security and protect confidential data in your company.

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Phishing: Why is this course important?

In the modern work environment, cybersecurity is of paramount importance, and phishing is one of the most common and dangerous threats faced by businesses and individuals. The Cyber Security course "Phishing" is essential to educate employees and protect against potential attacks. This course covers various aspects of phishing, providing valuable information and strategies for detecting and defending against such attacks.

Types of Phishing
The course begins with an introduction to the different types of phishing. This includes general phishing, where attackers send mass emails to obtain sensitive information. Participants learn to recognize the characteristics and goals of these attacks.

Spear-phishing is a more targeted form of phishing where attackers focus on specific individuals or organizations. The course explains how attackers create personalized messages to gain the victim's trust and how to identify and defend against such attacks.

Whaling targets high-ranking executives and is often more complex and sophisticated than other phishing methods. The course covers the specifics of these attacks and provides tips on how executives can protect themselves and their companies.

Dynamite-phishing leverages current events or popular topics to lure victims. The course shows how attackers use these tactics and how to stay vigilant to avoid falling for these tricks.

CEO Fraud
CEO fraud is a form of phishing where attackers impersonate the CEO or another high-ranking executive to manipulate employees. The course explains how to recognize and respond to these fraudulent messages.

How to Recognize Phishing and How to React
The course provides practical strategies for identifying phishing attempts and gives clear instructions on how to behave when receiving a suspicious email. This includes checking sender addresses, spotting spelling errors and unusual links, and reporting phishing emails to the IT department.

Ransomware is a serious threat where attackers encrypt data and demand a ransom. The course shows how phishing is often used to spread ransomware and how to protect against it.

Email Extortion
The course also addresses email extortion, where attackers threaten to expose sensitive information unless a ransom is paid. Participants learn to recognize these threats and respond appropriately.

Attacks via Phone (Vishing)
Vishing, or voice phishing, is a method where attackers attempt to obtain confidential information over the phone. The course provides tips on how to identify such calls and respond safely.

Attacks via SMS or Messaging Services (Smishing)
Smishing is a variant of phishing where attackers use SMS or messaging services. The course shows how to recognize these threats and handle such messages securely.

The course provides checklists to systematically review and evaluate suspicious emails, calls, or messages.

Identifying Phishing Emails
Participants learn the typical signs of phishing emails, such as suspicious links, unexpected attachments, and unusual requests for personal information.

Proper Email Handling
The course provides comprehensive guidelines for handling emails securely, including checking senders, avoiding clicks on unsafe links, and reporting suspicious messages.

Behavior in Case of Ransomware and Email Extortion
The course gives clear instructions on what to do in the event of a ransomware attack or email extortion, including contacting the IT department and law enforcement.

Dealing with Vishing and Smishing
Participants learn how to respond to vishing and smishing attempts to protect their information and systems.

The Cyber Security course "Phishing" is essential for protection against one of the biggest threats in the digital age. By training employees to detect and defend against phishing attacks, companies can significantly increase their security and minimize the risk of data loss and financial damage. In a time when cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, this course provides the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively protect oneself.

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