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Online course: Secure use of mobile devices

Whether smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks etc. are used for work or private life, they often contain important and sensitive information and customer data. Insufficient protection, theft or loss of mobile devices may entail legal consequences for your company or your employees. This staff training provides information on common risks and teaches your workforce how to use portable IT devices in the right way. Some of the topics covered in this web-based training are backup creation, PIN and password protection and the prevention of shoulder surfing.

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Secure use of mobile devices: Why is this course important?

In today’s work environment, mobile IT devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are essential tools for many employees. The Cyber Security course "Secure Use of Mobile IT Devices" provides the necessary knowledge and skills to use these devices securely and protect sensitive company data. This course covers the following critical areas:

Data Backup on Mobile IT Devices
Data backup is a fundamental aspect of IT security. The course explains how to regularly back up data on mobile devices to prevent data loss in case of theft, loss, or damage to the device. Employees learn how to set up and use automatic backup solutions.

Private IT Devices
Using private IT devices for work purposes can pose security risks. The course explains these risks and provides recommendations on how employees can use private devices securely. This includes installing security software, separating personal and work data, and using secure network connections.

Processing Data on Mobile IT Devices
Securely processing data on mobile devices requires special precautions. The course provides best practices for encrypting and securely storing data. Employees learn how to protect sensitive information and ensure that unauthorized access is prevented.

Loss of Mobile IT Devices
The loss of a mobile IT device can have serious consequences. The course outlines the steps to take in case of a loss, such as locking the device, changing passwords, and informing the IT department. It also explains how to better protect devices to prevent loss in the first place.

Access Lock for Mobile IT Devices
Effective access locks are crucial to prevent unauthorized access to mobile IT devices. The course discusses various access lock methods, such as passwords, PINs, biometric data, and two-factor authentication. Employees learn how to implement and use these measures correctly.

Mobile Apps
Using mobile apps also carries security risks. The course teaches how to ensure that only trusted apps are installed and how to control permissions. Employees learn how to update apps and check for signs of malware.

Location Tracking
Mobile IT devices can create location profiles that reveal sensitive information about users’ activities and whereabouts. The course explains how to minimize location tracking and protect privacy. This includes disabling location services and being aware of privacy settings in apps.

Selling and Disposing of Mobile IT Devices
Securely selling and disposing of mobile IT devices is essential to ensure that no sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. The course provides guidelines on securely erasing all data and resetting devices to factory settings before selling or disposing of them.

Personal Hotspots
Using personal hotspots can be a secure alternative to public Wi-Fi networks. The course shows how to set up and use personal hotspots securely to ensure a safe internet connection.

The Cyber Security course "Secure Use of Mobile IT Devices" is essential for ensuring the security of data and IT systems in the workplace. The knowledge and skills provided in the course help employees use mobile devices securely, recognize risks, and implement appropriate protective measures. This not only enhances data security but also strengthens trust in the company’s IT infrastructure.

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